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This race does not matter.

Routing Republicans out of federal office and vulnerable state legislatures is the only thing that does matter in this election cycle.

The oncoming wave of police-supported, violent white nationalist repression against marginalized communities and leftists is only beginning to crest, and our community is vulnerable.

A boogaloo militant murdered David Underwood in Oakland. We are inside of CBP's 100-mile border jurisdiction where the constitution is functionally non-existent. The Bay Area is surrounded by white supremacist enclaves and infested with murderous police forces that work with them. The occupant of the White House continually singles out Oakland to his followers and threatens us with his federal gestapo.


All this on top of the multiple failures of the state of California to protect and house its denizens. The Democratic Party bears its own blame for the state we are in, and you can trace some of it right back to Buffy Wicks and her career trajectory. Democrats are a dogshit opposition party that can't be relied upon to fight for their constituents, because they're beholden to the same donor class for their power as Republicans.


But I was never going to win this race, and the most important thing any of us can do right now is protect each other. And because we live in a trash democracy and a bullshit two party system, that means we have to pick our battles.


The battle that matters to me is for the lives of my community, friends, and family. And because the electorally active left in Assembly District 15 didn't show up for this race, the most valuable thing I can do on my own time is to encourage unlikely voters in states where it actually matters to do so.


Whatever fight it is that you believe matters, get to it. Just remember that the more of us who may die or be imprisoned as a result of your decisions, the weaker we all are.

To Buffy Wicks: you're obviously a person whose values are organized around the accumulation of power, and whose community is those who help you gain it. Your presence in this seat is a result of your privilege, not your worth to us. I'd say prove that you're worth it, but we both know you can't.

To the comfortable liberals: fuck your comfort. Your comfort comes at the expense of your neighbors' lives and livelihoods. Your comfort is predicated on the exploitation of vulnerable people. If you don't start protecting your neighbors at any cost (including your lives and livelihoods), you're just enablers of fascism.

To the accelerationist leftists who think Biden and Trump are the same: remember that the right have been "joking" about throwing you out of helicopters this whole time. You are the radicals the right has been scaring their homicidal base over, that they claim Biden is in thrall to. They'll murder you with a smile on their faces.

Get to work.

- Sara Brink


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